5 Tips for Being Your Own Mentor

5 tips for being your own mentor

For the last few months, I’ve been actively seeking mentors in a variety of fields and interests.  Mostly in the areas of self-branding, non-profit program development, career planning and executive board development.  In the coming week, I will post my own self-mentoring plan to provide regular updates. 

The following expert tips come from Dr. Betty Spence, President of the National Association of Female Executives.  This is an excerpt of an article printed in a 2010 NAAFE newsletter.  Dr. Spence offers five tips for advancing your career or your business.

1. Dazzle them. Get work done on or ahead of time and deliver more than people expect. Results take time to accumulate, so be consistently exceptional. Impress them over and over so you build a track record that will serve you well with your boss, your organization, and your clients.

2. Fortune favors the brave. Performing well at what you’ve done before won’t move you ahead. You need to take risks. Take jobs/assignments where you don’t fit naturally. Or create new ones. Your confidence in the face of the unknown demonstrates your potential – and builds your confidence.

3. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. You may do a fabulous job, but if nobody knows about it, you’re stuck where you started. Don’t wait to be noticed. Talk about recent accomplishments – and share your excitement – with your boss, your clients, your mentor, your network. Discuss decisions you’re making and the risks you’re taking…and they’ll think of you for the next job.

4. Nothing comes to one who waits. Opportunities will not get handed to you, so take the initiative. When there’s a project you want to do, step forward and volunteer. In fact, you need to ask for whatever you want: a flexible schedule, financing for your new venture, a raise, or that promotion you’ve been waiting for.

5. Diversify. Get to know all aspects of the business you’re in, from sales to human resources to strategy. But most important, get to know the business of the business: how the money gets made. Then go make money for the business. Whether you’re working for someone else or for yourself, that’s the ticket to success.


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