I Triple-Dog Dare You: Leave Your Comfort Zone

Here’s something new to try this year:  honesty.  Not constructive criticism, careful consideration or general observations.  I’m talking about having some tough conversations.   The kind of talks you dread having.  The ones that keep you awake the night before because the thought of starting the new day with that talk on your calendar gets you too worked up to sleep.

I’m having my toughest conversation first.  The one with myself.  And I will accept nothing less than total truth to the following questions:

  1. What can I do differently tomorrow to bring me closer to where I want to be?
  2. Am I doing something that is preventing me from reaching my goals?
  3. Am I challenging myself enough?
  4. Am I doing enough for others?
  5. Am I doing enough for myself?

Join me in making 2012 a year of self-reflection and course correction, tough conversations and inspiration.

Start with you and make it truth.

I triple-dog dare you.

Image is from David Kanigan.


Categories: Professional Development


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