Boozy Desserts

I’ve always thought of boozy desserts as a sly indulgence that didn’t really pack a wallop.  Based on Amber Gibson’s experience, I’ve obviously been visiting the wrong establishments.  According to her, there are plenty of restaurants in Chicago that serve up a substantial buzz along with your sugar high.  Some of the desserts even take you above the legal alcohol limit in Illinois which is .08 percent.   

These desserts are generally geared towards mature clientele and presented with an upscale flourish.  I was pleasantly surprised by the photo of one dessert which appeared to be a simple scoop of vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone.  Someone was definitely being cheeky because this dessert packed the biggest wallop of all with a alcohol content of 0.12!

Read the article to get the sobering results, from mildest to booziest and visit this site’s cuisine page for my reviews of various restaurants.


Chicago’s Boozy Dessert Trend (, October 2012)


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    • Hi Vin,

      Thanks for the compliment. I checked out your blog as well and it is very nice. I usually post food recipies on pinterest. It’s my unofficial recipe book. I’ll be adding your posts as well.

      Have a wonderful day.


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