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After watching the music video above, be sure to check out this YouTube video where a teen videotapes her parents watching the video for the first time and then interviews them.  It’s hilarious!  The mother’s expression switches between confused and amused.  The father thinks the entire thing is a hoot and is constantly smacking his leg and laughing.

And don’t miss this video of three college students watching the video.  The guys are seeing it for the first time.  Notice the how the guys’ expressions change as the video goes on.  The one on the left becomes entranced and even starts dancing along with the song.  The guy on the right, looks on seriously as if he is dissecting the artistry of the video and the girl is just laughing hysterically.   Enjoy.

Have a glorious Monday!

Live & Learn

A first for Lead.Learn.Live.  Rap Music.  This song is called “Gangnam Style” from South Korean Rapper Psy.  This video has been watch over 400,000,000 times on YouTube – the 9th most watched video clip ever.  If this doesn’t get you up and at it on a Monday morning…nothing will.  Volume up!

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