Monday Moves

Motivation to Move

This is going to sound awful, but I have been contemplating working out for quite a while now.  Last year, I took part in a series of gym bootcamps.  It was challenging and fun but ultimately, I stopped.  Now, after months of being relatively sedentary, I feel compelled to get moving.  So, I spent some time on Saturday browsing the web for inspiration.  I am usually inspired by dancers, models, atheletes….all those who can express themselves physically.  So, I will share this goal with you in hopes that it will be additional motivation in breaking through my barrier to actual workout this week. 

I am going to ……  

  • Walk up at least five flights of stairs everyday. My co-worker, John, asks me to walk the stairs with him everyday.  Last year, a group of us were walking at least 15 flights everyday.  John and I are starting all over again.  Go Team!
  • Get up from my chair at least once per hour – even when I am at home. Experts say that the amount of hours we sit is actually killing us!  The damage starts with a drastic drop in our metabilism.  There is a popular infographic that illustrates the entire process.
  • MOVE!!  MOVE!!  MOVE!! 

Here is an inspiring video of members of the Pacific Northwest Ballet Company practicing a variety of jumps.  Look at those bodies move!

Have a wonderful week!



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