It’s not too early to think about your goals for 2013. I’m already taking the steps to ready myself for the challenges ahead. Putting in some practice time so that when the new year turns, my goals will be habits and I will be on my way to new accomplishments. Here’s a marvelous post about not waiting and taking the chance.

Belief Blog

Have you thought about New Year’s resolutions and why most of us tend to find excuses to either dilute or abandon them by the end of January? New Year is a convenient time to make some changes in life even if you don’t believe in making resolutions at year end. Actully, as long as we decide to do something and commit to it, it doesn’t really matter what month of the year it is. Statistically, we mostly want to lose weight or get fit, get out of debt or make more money, quit smoking or drinking, improve our relationships and spend more time with the loved ones. But are these solutions to what really makes us feel successful in life?

If all these are very common-sensical goals, how come “life” gets in the way and we find reasons to justify being busy and overwhelmed with everything else except working towards…

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