TGIF: Goal in Sight

Earlier this year, I blogged about Charity Balance to encourage you to take a strategic approach to volunteering so that your time and energy is aligned to your charity activities.  I have not been so good about following my own advice over the past few months.  Things changed rather quickly.  I took on two additional projects that were not planned, but they were a natural extension of non-profit work I was already doing.  More importantly, the new projects were a result of the relationships and personal brand that I have actively developed over the past two years.

Balancing Objectives



















While, I have been feeling overwhelmed for the past few months, I believe balance will return if I do the following:

1) Limit myself to supporting two non-profits:  Teen Living Programs, of which I am an Executive Board Member, Committee Chair and overall champion.  They are awesome!!  Love them!  My other charity is YWCA Chicago.  I am a member of the Future Leaders Council and we are a small but mighty team doing what we can to support the mission of the organization.  These ladies have big hearts and great energy!

2) Do not take on any additional projects in 2013.  That year will be about focusing on current projects and roles; increasing my efficiency and achieving current objectives.

3) Wake up earlier and go to sleep earlier.  I have been adjusting my sleep schedule and found that waking up at 5:30am works best for me.  After preparing for work, it gives me two hours to do personal things such as reviewing my mail, working on this blog, or exercising.

4) Focus on my health.  This is key to my ability to accomplish a wide varity of things which require mental and physical fortitude.  I know..I’m not running marathons, but working 9 hours, then exercising and working another three hours on personal projects requires me to eat right and work out.  I’ve only been working at this for the past few weeks, and I’m already feeling the difference.  Hopefully, I’ll see the difference soon as well 🙂

That’s it for now.  So, today is better than yesterday and definitely better than last week.  I hope that’s true for you as well.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Photo Credit:  Seth Casteel’s photo appears in his amazing book of photography entitled “Underwater Dogs”. Visit for more


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