Monday: Gun Control for Peace

diane fager headshotby Diane Fager, Director, Children and Family Benefits Unit, Chicago Public Schools

One of my criticisms of Obama during his first term was that he didn’t keep the grass roots infra-structure that he built during the campaign active. This time, there is an attempt to do that. Since what happened in Connecticut and what happens on the streets of Chicago is so incredibly tragic and unacceptable – perhaps now is the time for gun control in this country. Specifically as a first step, now is the time to push Obama and Congress to act on Gun Control.

gun control protest 1

The NRA and the gun manufacturers who keep the NRA’s lobbying funds full must be stopped. If you visit this site, you will find the White House’s Petition:
1) once you arrive at the site, you need to create an account to actually sign the petition.
2) It takes a moment to do so but if anyone needs assistance, your nerdy friend Diane can help.

Right now there are 950,000 signatures on the White House’s Petition calling for President Obama to act on gun control. We know that there are many more people who feel that Obama must act, so let’s get that number up.

Please sign the petition and send it to everyone you know to sign and have them send it to everyone they know. Let’s get it to over one million. From things I have read, it appears that Obama is looking for things like this to push him and cover his back. We have learned what makes Obama move and one is polls and petitions.

Have a wonderful holiday.


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  1. I wonder at the need of people for multiple guns and assault weapons for personal safety. Is one simple gun enough for this?

    • Hi Alex,
      That is very odd to me but there was some speculation that the mother was a survivalist. They often believe that society is on the verge of collapse and that assault weapons are needed to protect themselves from the desperate. I think it’s very telling that the assailant shot his mother several times in the face. He was sending a message in doing that to his mother. Making a statement that she did something to him which caused his actions. I don’t know if we will ever find out what was behind the rage of his actions.

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