TGIF: Celebrate the Ladies of FLC

I hope you are enjoying this holiday season.  It has been unusually warm here in Chicago but the festivities are well underway.  The last few weeks have been filled with lunches, parties and shopping.

The Ladies of FLC

Last week, I enjoyed an amazing evening at PoPs Champagne bar in Chicago.  The weather was still amazingly mild for December and festive lights were everywhere.  The special occassion was an annual holiday celebration with the women of YWCA Future Leaders Council (FLC) of Metropolitan Chicago.  Each of the women are unique and special in their own way. It’s an amazing collection of diverse personalities, talents and passions.  We have bankers, doctors, researchers, marketers, consultants, accountants, writers and more.

FLC Holiday Party 2

Adrienne, Melissa, Naila and Chandra

The most popular cocktails of the evening were the La Vie En Rose and The Classic (a mixture of bourbon, champagne and bitters).  It is a revelation!

FLC Holiday Party 4

Adrienne, Melissa, Myesha and Naila

I have to say that this photo was very amusing.  The poses by Melissa in the center with the sparkely smile and Myesha to the right reaching to steal Naila’s drink.  Great fun ladies!

FLC Holiday Party 3

Myesha and Melissa

There was passing of the baton of leadership between these two lovely ladies.  Myesha is the current president of FLC and Melissa is our previous council president.  Different leadership styles, but the heart and ambition in which they use to lead is equally as grand.  Kudos to you ladies!

FLC Holiday Party 5

Naila, Chandra and Angelique

I am craving the floral blouse and white grecian dress.  Very lovely.

Naila, Jennifer, Chandra, Vanessa, Angelique, Myesha, Nicole

Naila, Jennifer, Chandra, Vanessa, Angelique, Myesha, Cle Andrea and Nicole

This photo includes most of the group from that evening.  I plan to interview them each for my blog at some point in 2013.  What a wonderful group of accomplished women!

You can tell by the many dishes on the table that the evening was well underway.  Also, that the food was very good. We enjoyed a clam risotto, tiger shrimp, smoked salmon, truffle frites and more.

FLC Holiday Pary - The End

Adrienne, Sherry, Chandra and Naila

At this point in the evening, we said our goodbyes.  It was a joyous time and everyone was in good spirits.  That’s me on the right, taking the photo.  It was an amazing evening.  Thanks to the ladies of FLC for all they do for the YWCA, the community and each other.

Have a happy and wonderous holiday season.



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