26 Acts of Kindness

acts of kindness collage

Ann Curry, of NBC Today Show in USA, suggested that people perform 26 acts of kindness to honor those lost in Newton, CT.  The movement has gone worldwide.  The overhwhelming reaction is evidence that the world wants to give.  That if we are not driven to selfishness, status via consumerism and fear of being vulnerable, we are perfectly willing to open our heart to strangers.  It’s unfortunate that something on the scale of the Newtown tragedy has made it okay to be self-less.  But it’s fortuitous that people are picking up the mantle and doing good.

26 acts of kindness

Here’s examples of some of the good deeds:

  • Donate a holiday meal to a needy family
  • Buy coffee for a stranger
  • Donate holiday gifts to a shelter
  • Donating holiday trees
  • Paying someone’s grocery bill
  • Giving the gift of money for a struggling co-worker

Follow the 26 Acts of Kindess campaign on twitter at #26Acts.


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