The Word: Individuality

We have entered into a new year which usually includes a declaration of new resolutions.  Be careful my friends.  Ensure that the goals you set are truly your own; that your desires inspire you and your passions invigorate you.  Most important of all, to thy own self be true.



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  1. Well reminded. Live your own dream, not others dreams.

    • Hi Alex. It is tough to stay true to onself in a society that aims to be a melting pot of conformity (for the most part). I think the goal should be a culturally open and aware kaleidoscope of humanity. What about you?

      • I think the answer is a bottom-up approach where the individual must make the choice to conform or not. Some individuals can cut out a space where those around them can be individuals rather than robots.

      • I agree. Especially at work, I’ve been fortunate enough to work for some leaders who are able to carve out that space for themselves and their teams. It makes a world of difference and really removes a lot of the anxiety and stress that is part of a workplace that requires sameness.

        FYI..I’m also blogging for another site you may like:

      • Thanks for the link.

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