Cuisine: 25 Degrees

25 deg banner

25 Degrees:  TWO TIMES

  • Location:  736 N. Clark, Chicago IL
  • Cuisine:  American (burger bar)
  • Site:
  • Price: On the higher end for a burger bar. Food and drink is $30 pp
  • Food:  Outstanding
  • Atmosphere:  Great music and lively young crowd
  • Service: Good
  • Cocktails: Good
  • Overall Rating:  Very Good
  • Would I go back?:   Definitely


25 deg rach and dave 2

After a bit of shopping at Macy’s Rachel, David and I decided to try out one of the hottest new eateries in Chicago:  25 degrees.  Located in the River North area on the corner of Superior and Clark, the restaurant has a cool silver sign reminiscent of a modern route 66 diner.  The windows are darkly tinted so that even in the day-time you can barely see the diners inside the bar.  And yes, 25 degrees is more of a bar than a restaurant.  But that’s just fine in my book.


turkey burgerThe burger menu was relatively straightforward.  I decided to build my own burger consisting of a Turkey patty, garlic parmesean sauce, roasted peppers, carmelized onions and cheddar cheese.  David chose a variation of turkey as well.  Rachel rounded out the group with a sirloin burger.  As you can see from this picture, the burgers are huge.  Placed between a delciously, light and sweet brioche roll, the burger is to be savored.  Sometimes turkey burgers are a bit of an after-thought.  Not at 25 degrees. Their turkey burger gets the full treatment.


25 degrees turkey burger

While waiting for the other half of my burger to be boxed for the trip home, I enjoyed a second cocktail.  I should mention, the cocktails and the service were the only parts of our experience which were not satisfactory.  That can be quite critical for some, but we were most interested in the burgers.

Dave ordered a Mojito which was watered down the first time around.  Rachel and I both chose the Touche cocktail.  A delicious blend of St. Germaine, Grey Goose, pineapple juice and pear puree.  Overall the cocktails were inconsistent.  Sometimes strong, sometimes weak.  Sometimes made as described, other times apparently missing some ingredients, like the thyme that should have been included in the Touche cocktail.

25 deg fries

This picture almost didn’t happen because when we ordered burgers, our waitress didn’t ask if we wanted any sides. It’s possible that our waitress was new and overwhelmed by the crowd. I believed she checked on us once after we received our food and then she was MIA.  We would spot her around the bar occassionally but the manager was more attentive than she was.

While waiting for our burgers, I asked Dave and Rachel if they wanted fries with their burgers.  Rachel and Dave both looked startled.  It was so cute.

Rachel:  “Don’t we get fries with our burger?”

David  “You mean they’re just going to bring us a burger and nothing else?”

I had to laugh.

So, ten minutes later, we spotted our waitress again and requested sweet potato fries and onion rings.  They were delicious.

25 deg rach and dave


So, it’s Thursday night, and after a stressful week, I was up for a simple yet delicious meal.  This time it was just Rachel and I who visited 25 degrees.  This was a better experience on the service and cocktail front but this time our burgers were dry.  But they still tasted amazing!!!!!

After Rachel, notified our waiter of the issue with her burger (medium well instead of medium), she was presented with a voucher card for a complimentary burger.  How cute is that!

The waiter recommended a slow gin fizz which was berry delicious.  I believe there were hints of blackberry, raspberry and juniper.

The butternut squash soup was rich and scrumptous.

We tried the tempura green and yellow string beans with horseradish cream.

Next time, I plan to relax at one of the tables in the window and sip a spiked milk shake.



All in all, both evenings at 25 degrees was fun. With a posh decor, good music, lively people and delicious food, there’s always plenty of smiles to go around. It is very loud, so I wouldn’t choose the spot for an intimate dining experience but if you’re looking for a bit of fun, by all means chill-out at 25 degrees.

Read my other restaurant reviews on the site cuisine page.  Feel free to make suggestions for other places to try.  I welcome contributors as well.  Try your hand at writing a restaurant review.  Trust me.  It’s fun.


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