Leading: Success Factors

successI read quite a bit.  All different sources:  business articles, news, social commentary, fiction, non-fiction and more.  Sometimes, if I come across something very insightful, I will file it away until I am inspired to write about the topic.  When reviewing my file of article ideas, I found the following excerpt from an interview with a well-known executive.  Unfortunately, I do not have the name of the speaker or the source of the article but I can share the following leadership tenants.

“1) Native Intelligence:  I find that very few people without a natural aptitude in their chosen field become truly extraordinary.

2) Integrity:  It is very important.   It’s all about reputation.

3) Ability to effectively deal with people:  Some MBA schools may be misdirecting graduates.   Though numbers and reports are important, the objectives are still achieved by people.   A successful executive needs to be able to lead people to productivity.

4) Passion for what you are doing:   This really is the catalyst for points 1 thru 3.   Everything a leader does permeates the organization.  The Portuguese have a saying:  “Fish rot, starts at the head.”   Meaning, the leadership sets the tone for the body of an organization.”


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