Cuisine: Niu

Niu - japanese fusion lounge

Japanese Fusion in Rivereast

  • Niu Japanese Fusion Lounge
  • Location: 332 E. Illinois (at Grand Ave)
  • Cuisine: Japanese Fusion
  • Site:
  • Price: $$
  • Food: Excellent
  • Atmosphere:  Casual Elegance
  • Service: Great
  • Cocktails: Great
  • Overall Rating:  Great
  • Would I go back?:  Yes. Very, soon.

Niu is one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago alongside 25 degrees, Roy’s, and Morton’s. The food, atmosphere, staff and decor all all to my liking. Each aspect lends to the comforting and somewhat posh dining experience. The location doesn’t hurt either. Located directly next to the large AMC East movies theatre, Niu is a regular dining destination for those who want to get a good meal or have drinks before a show.

Niu - outside

Niu restaurant is conveniently located next door to the Rivereast AMC theatre. My husband and I often have dinner at Niu before a show.

Niu - dining room

Niu’s dining room is elegant, quiet and soothing. There is a bar at the front of the restaurant and sushi bar to the left of the main dining room.

Shrimp spring rolls

I order the shrimp spring rolls every single time. It’s a deliciously light way to begin the evening. I don’t know what they use for the wrappings, but the rolls are light, sweet and crunchy. The filling is cream cheese, chive and shrimp. It’s so flavorful. The sweet Thai chili sauce is just an extra bonus.

crunchy roll

This is another dish I never get tired of. I order it every single time I visit Niu, which is several times a year.

rainbow maki roll

My friend David enjoyed his rainbow maki roll for the main course. Honestly, I’ve never heard of anyone having a dissapointing dish. My husband has tried several different dishes and enjoyed them all.

the setting

Just wanted to get a picture of the tablescape. The interior is always beautifully decorated and set off with romantic lighting. In the photo, you can also see our cocktails. David enjoyed a French martini while I enjoyed plum wine. It’s so decadent and sweet, I actually diluted it with some ice cubes.

niu - mojito

When I don’t order the plum wine, I usually order their signature mojito with raspberry and mint.

Price symbols indicate the typical cost of a meal (without tax, tip, or alcohol) per person. ¢ … under $20 | $ … $20 to $29 | $$ … $30 to $39 | $$$ … $40 to $49 | $$$$ … $50-plus

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