Cuisine: Naha

Modern American in River North

  • Naha
  • Location: 500 N. Clark St.
  • Cuisine: Modern American
  • Site:
  • Price: $$$$
  • Food: Excellent
  • Atmosphere:  Upscale elegance
  • Service: Poor
  • Cocktails: Great
  • Overall Rating:  Good
  • Would I go back?:  Not likely

I prefer to write reviews when I’ve had an overall good experience at a restaurant. In the case of Naha, the food was great but not great enough to outshine the horrible service.  Considering that Naha is a highly touted Michelin star restaurant, I was very surprised. 

Some will say that you can’t expect to get an accurate impression of a restaurant during restaurant week.  Afterall, they are probably overbooked and serving a modified menu.  To heck with that!  I say that is an ideal time to make a wonderful impression. 


Because we chose Naha at the last-minute, the dining room was fully booked on Friday night.  Luckily, we arrived early enough to grab a couple of tables in the bar area.  If you look closely, you can see a portion of the grand bar which curves around the outer edge of the dining room.  Very nice layout. 


I was joined by my friends Sahar, Stella and David.  Great company, indeed.  They are each wonderful people with very different personalities.  As our service grew progressively worse during the evening, we relied on each other for sarcasm and comic relief.


This is a brief snapshot of the restaurant menu.  One option is for $33 and another for $44.  I also asked the waitress to see the standard menu.  A normal evening at Naha would easily cost three times as much! 


Pork Shank Risotto:  I usually do not order pork dishes as they tend to taste somewhat gamey to me.  I took the chance at Naha because if this Michelin star chef couldn’t prepare it right, then who could?  Well, I was not disappointed.  The dish was rich and savory and the roasted pumpkin seeds offered a nice nutty finish to each bite.


David enjoyed the Moulard Duck Breast. 


I enjoyed the “Financier” dessert.


Sahar and David enjoyed the chocolate “Cremeux” dessert


I’m so glad this adventure was only $44, although our waitress seemed to have trouble calculating our bill.  We were initially charged for an extra restaurant week experience.

ps.  Sahar, Stella and David, thanks for being such good sports. I had a great time!

Price symbols indicate the typical cost of a meal (without tax, tip, or alcohol) per person. ¢ … under $20 | $ … $20 to $29 | $$ … $30 to $39 | $$$ … $40 to $49 | $$$$ … $50-plus


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  1. Good evening, food and company outstanding!


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