Cuisine: Chef Week in Chicago

This was originally posted by the lovely Audarshia Townsend of the Chicago 312 Dining Diva.  She provides wonderfully diverse and informative views into the Chicago restaurant scene. 

It’s Time To Book Reservations For ‘Chicago Chef Week,’ Happening March 17-22


Matthias Merges (from left) photo via; Ryan McCaskey (Photo: Acadia); Andrew Zimmerman photo via Splash Chicago

Chicago Restaurant Week is a thing of the past. It’s now time for Chicago Chef Week, in its fifth year and happening March 17-22. To entice you to participate, more than 70 chef-driven restaurants will be offering three-course, prix-fixe deals for lunch ($22 where served) and dinner ($44).

I’m telling you this so far in advance because for some of these spots you might want to book as soon as possible. For example, this year’s event boasts three of the biggest winners of the recent Banchet Awards: Chef of the Year Matthias Merges (Yusho), Best Restaurant recipient Andrew Zimmerman (Sepia) and Best New Restaurant winner Ryan McCaskey (Acadia, with Jason Prah winning for Best Sommelier). You’ll find a number of newcomers on the list as well, including the likes of Baume & Brix, G.E.B., Little Market Brasserie, Tesori and TWO.
Peep the entire list right here.
I plan to visit Acadia and Baume & Brix for Chef’s week.  What about you?

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