The Word: Onlyness

Nilofer Merchant believes the first step to unlocking talent in the #SocialEra is by celebrating something she’s termed onlyness.


Nilofer Merchant at TEDxHouston 2012 RESONATE

“Onlyness is that thing that only that one individual can bring to a situation. It includes the journey and passions of each human. Onlyness is fundamentally about honoring each person: first as we view ourselves and second as we are valued. Each of us is standing in a spot that no one else occupies. That unique point of view is born of our accumulated experience, perspective, and vision. Some of those experiences are not as “perfect” as we might want, but even those experiences are a source for what you create. For example, the person whose younger sibling has a disease might grow up to work in medicine to find the cure. The person who is obsessed with beautiful details might end up caring about industrial design and reinvent how we all use technology. The person who has grown up under oppression might end up advocating for freedom of speech and thus advance the condition of his country. This individual onlyness is the fuel of vast creativity, innovations, and adaptability.”   ~


When you have a moment ……

Read:  Onlyness (The Topic and the Talk at TEDxHouston)

Listen:  Nilofer’s Onlyness Talk

Smile:  Who else is like this guy?

Onlyness - man on bike

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