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How to Build Your Personal Brand by Starting a Blog


Original post updated on 3/6/13 with conference replay and blogging school registration info.

On Monday (March 4), Rosetta Thurman hosted a  complimentary webinar (replay) that outlined the basic steps you can take to launch (or relaunch!) a blog to boost your online reputation and advance your career. Here’s a few words from Rosetta:

“On Tuesday, I was a guest expert on the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s live chat on How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Nonprofit Career. Me and one of my colleagues, nonprofit CEO Amanda Andere shared our advice for being professional, personal and useful on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and blogs. Click here to read the transcript of the chat!

One point I stressed was that you should align your professional goals with your online presence. If you want to grow your network of nonprofit leaders, you might be more active on LinkedIn and Twitter. But if you want to build your reputation for having expertise in a certain area, you really should start a blog. Blogging was actually the best thing that ever happened to my nonprofit career.”

Read rest of article here.

Here’s the link to the replay:

It’s about 90 minutes of content (including my slides) and lots of juicy Q & A! One attendee remarked on Twitter that the webinar provided “honest info on how to start your professional blog.”
I’m also sending you the registration link for the next live run of my all-new Blogging School course that begins on Tuesday, March 12. As my gift to you for taking the time to watch the webinar, I’m giving you a discount code for $50 OFF the enrollment fee!

Here’s the link to register for blogging school:

Here’s the discount code to use when you check out:


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