Teen Living Programs Knows How to Say Thank You

Sometimes things turn out even better than you expect and it’s not because you get what you wish for, it’s because of all the surprises along the way.

On Saturday, March 9th, Teen Living Programs hosted our black tie-fundraiser at the Swissotel in Chicago. TLP offers services that support, heal and empower young people in gaining employment, education, housing and independence. Simply put, TLP gives youth who are homeless the chance to flourish and our annual gala enables us to keep providing these life-changing services.

The gala was a great success!  We received AMAZING SUPPORT FROM THE COMMUNITY AT LARGE especially our friends associated with Neuberger Berman, Allstate and United Airlines (TLP’s partner of the year).

TLP Gala 2013 - Board of Directors

Left to Right: Board Member Stephen Braun, Executive Director Jeri Linas, Chairman Gerald Pauling and remaining Board Members Jane McCart, Bruce Pedigo, Don Buse, Delores Thibodeaux, Mary Lou Skalkos, Lashana Jackson, Rich Kuzmar, Levoi Brown and Cheryl Harris. I missed this photo opportunity. There’s one with me down below.

I joined TLP as a gala committee member three years ago and later joined the Board of Directors. Every staff member, donor or volunteer I have met represent the loving and giving agency that is changing lives in Chicago. It’s amazing to experience the joy and pride people feel by being part of TLP. I often hear, “I can not believe that I’m just learning about TLP.” Well, if you didn’t know about TLP before, you do now.

Sure our gala raises money to support critical programs but it’s also geared to appreciate and congratulate our donors, volunteers and other supporters on contributing to the future. The atmosphere is one of elegance, warmth and cheer. From the moment guests stepped off the escalator, they were greeted warmly and directed to the red carpet to have their photo taken.

Me and my friend David.

Me and my friend David.

The gala committee team did an amazing job decorating the auction item area where a variety of items and experiences were up for auction. There was also games of chance and a super silent auction for special experiences such as vacations and sporting events. The program started with a video showing TLP leadership, staff and clients talking about the mission of the agency and the impact they have on lives. Guests were also gifted with inspiring words from both former and current TLP clients.

TLP Gala collage

After an exciting live auction and delicious dinner, the guests moved to the dance floor and grooved to the sounds of Gentlemen of Leisure. A wonderful cover band that has performed at the TLP gala for the past few years.

gentlement of leisure band

Over 500 red carpet photos were taken. Here are my favorites.

TLP Gala 2013 - Rick


TLP Gala 2013 - Andrew Bobby and Rick

Andrew, Bobby and Rick

TLP Gala 2013 - Heidi Jane Carol and ML

Heidi, Jane, Carol and Mary Lou

TLP Gala 2013 - Carol Jeri and Eric

Carol, Jeri and Erik

TLP Gala 2013 - Eric and Ken

TLP Gala 2013 - Jeri and Dexter

Jeri Linas (TLP Executive Director) and Dexter Greene (Allstate Executive)

TLP Gala 2013 - The Lovelies

TLP Gala 2013 - Gerald and

Right: Gerald Pauling II, TLP Board Chairman

TLP Gala 2013 - Bruce and Crew

Front Right: Bruce Pedigo, TLP Board Member

TLP Gala 2013 - The Boys

TLP Gala 2013 - the leisurely jumpers

TLP Gala 2013 - Jump Crew

TLP Gala 2013 - Sweet

TLP Gala 2013 - Elegant Fun

TLP Gala 2013 - running

TLP Gala 2013 - Vibrant

TLP Gala 2013 - Stunning

TLP Gala 2013 - couples

TLP Gala 2013 - love them volunteers #1

TLP Gala 2013 - love them volunteers #2

TLP Gala 2013 - love them volunteers #3

TLP Gala 2013 - love them volunteers #4

TLP Gala 2013 - red


Visit the our website to learn more about Teen Living Programs and how you can help support our mission.


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