Cuisine: Kuma’s Too

The Big Whoop about Kuma’s Too

keanon thompson headshot2By Keanon Thompson

Location:  666 W Diversey Pkwy
Cuisine: Modern American
Price: $$
Food: Excellent
Atmosphere:  Hipster
Service: Good
Cocktails: N/A
Overall Rating:  Good
Would I go back?:  Yes, with friends

kumas too 1

My foodie friends decided to introduce me to good food by taking me to Kuma’s Too. What better way to start your journey as a foodie?

I have heard that the original Kuma’s Corner is great and Kuma’s Too is popular as well. I waited for an hour and a half (due to the group size) and would have waited longer if we hadn’t split up (three ate at the bar while six were at a table). After waiting for so long to be seated and not eating before arriving at the restaurant due to anticipation, we all were very hungry.  Our excitement was also peaked since we had plenty of time to review the menus, so we knew exactly what we wanted.

Kuma’s Too menu is simple, but unique (the cover having a huge “666” on it).  The food choices were geared towards meat lovers, especially burger fans (which I am and always will be). Some of my group had been here before, so we all decided to try something new. I chose the Arsu burger prepared medium well with fries.

kumas too 3

Just as we had sat down and decided on our entrees, the waitress arrived and apologized for the wait.  With a smile, she took our orders. The decor was very modern and hipster-ish. I thought that the place would be filled with young people. On the contrary, there were people of all ages, even families with babies.

Since I’m not a heavy metal fan, the music was not to my liking, but it did fit the rock concert themed decor including framed posters and concert ads. Surprisingly, it only took about 30 minutes for our food to arrive, which was a great surprise because the place was packed.

kumas too

After we admired our food (with oohs and aahs around the table) I bit into my big Burger of the Unknown… and it was amazing. The bread was so thick, I had to press it down before taking a bite.  I felt the heat from the fried jalapenos in every bite and the cheese was melted to perfection. There were no veggies to be found on this burger — just the way I like it! Every bite kept my enjoyment meter to the highest level.

The prices were very reasonable ($13 for mine) because you’re not tasting just an ordinary burger. My friend, you are experience the art of the burger. I would definitely recommend people who are food-fans and burger-lovers to give Kuma’s Too a try. I would however warn vegans and serious vegetarians to scratch this place off their list. Other than that, Bon apetite mon ami!

Man about town, Keanon Thompson

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