Interview Thank You Cards Without Delay

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In a recent article, Rick Gillis shared some great advice on interview thank you notes.  He insists that his clients all arrive at interviews with a box of inexpensive but professional 4″ x 5″ thank you cards and envelopes. He advises keeping them handy, preferably in your car or briefcase.

Time is of the essence as hiring decisions may be made by the end of the day.  The effort of delivering an immediate thank you note is not lost on the company.  The person who is mailing in their thank you note will be too late to make an impact.

Having your thank you notes on-hand allows you to step away for a few moments to write your notes and deliver them back to the receptionist or office manager. What you convey by delivering a hand written note post interview is an image of yourself as the type of person the company wants dealing with their hard-earned clientele.


Here are Rick Gillis’ rules for the successful thank you note delivery.

  • At the beginning of the interview ask each interviewer for their business card. If they do not have one politely ask how they spell their names so that you get them exactly right.
  • Keep this note short! Thank them for their time; clearly state you are the perfect person for the position and then state that you look forward to hearing from them shortly. No more. No less. Sign or print your name.
  • Insert two business cards.
  • Hand-write the person’s full name (title is not usually necessary in this case) on the envelope.
  • Be certain to carry more blank cards than you think you will need. Invariably you will screw up more notes than you might think.
  • Present to receptionist.

I will definitely have thank you cards ready for my next interview.

Read the original article.



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