Stay on Task

Why People Procrastinate

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Christina DesMarais of Inc magazine wrote a very detailed article on overcoming procrastination.  Here’s a brief summary.

Lots of theories exist for why people put off until later things they could be doing right now:

  • Fear of failure: Feelings of insecurity can be paralyzing.
  • Believing that the best work is done under pressure: In practice this might work for some people, but the idea you can’t do good work until you have a deadline breathing down your neck is a cop-out and excuse for lolly-gagging.
  • Perfectionism: Some people balk if the prospect of doing flawless work is in question.
  • Disorganization: A big problem when it comes to checking off a to-do list is not having one.
  • Depression: Feelings such as hopelessness and fatigue–hallmarks of depression–are demotivating, to say the least.

Whatever your reasons for procrastinating, it’s a good idea to figure out why you’re doing it and then change your modus operandi. In addition to hampering your success on the job, it acts as a stressor that can cause all sorts of physiological problems.

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Tricks to Stay on Task

  • Change your scenery.
  • Get rid of your Internet.
  • Quit waffling between projects.
  • Quit Facebook.
  • Keep a detailed to-do list.
  • Figure out which tasks you don’t like doing and why.
  • Don’t expect perfection.
  • Tell someone you respect when you’ll finish.


When you have a moment


the Now Habit


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