Local Wealth Building – Part 2 of 2

During the Illinois Task Force meeting on April 24, 2013, Ted Howard, co-founder and Executive Director of The Democracy Collaborative at the University of Maryland presented recommendations to the task force on how Illinois can position itself as the nation’s leader in community wealth building.

Task Force Recommendations

  • Develop an Illinois Employee Ownership Center to retain existing jobs
  • Assist Illinois banks to finance employee ownership; capital formation
  • Leverage hospital investments
  • Promote greater community investments by universities in Illinois.
  • Promote greater community investments by businesses in Illinois
  • Invest state pension fund dollars in Illinois
  • Convert manufactured housing into resident owned communities
  • Redirect housing dollars to support permanently affordable housing – a joint venture
  • Reform IL’s cooperative statute
  • Support cooperative business development in rural IL
  • Capitalize cooperative job creation strategy in low income communities
  • Convene community wealth building roundtable in key Illinois cities


Social Enterprise Alliance Chicago Chapter –  Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) is a nonprofit association of individuals and organizations building effective, more sustainable nonprofits through earned income strategies. 


When not reading, working or attending conferences and networking events, I am supporting my favorite charities: Teen Living Programs where I am a mentor, committee member and Executive Board member and YWCA Chicago where I am an Associate Board Member. I am passionate about causes related to supporting youth, women and families. Particularly in the areas of education, employment, violence intervention, social services and housing. With a keen intuition on helping people tap into their brilliance,  I am passionate about helping people grow. I can be reached at sherryclayton78@gmail.com if you would like to know more about my charities or this blog.


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