Cuisine: Siena Tavern

According to Fabio Viviani, Executive Chef and Partner of Siena Tavern, the concept for Siena was very carefully thought out. “It is rooted in Italy and raised in Chicago”, he says.  Sahar and I visited Siena for lunch on a sunny May day in Chicago.

  • Location:  51 W. Kenzie
  • Cuisine: Italian inspired
  • Site:
  • Price: $$
  • Food: Excellent
  • Atmosphere:  Casual elegance
  • Service: Great
  • Cocktails: N/A
  • Overall Rating:  Excellent
  • Would I go back?:  Definitely!  Looking forward to next time.  Siena Tavern is appropriate for business, casual or romantic dinners.

Siena Tavern - cool decor

The entrance to Siena is grand. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the warm and expansive decor.  Especially the aged wood doors adorned with lion-head knockers that frame the hostess area. The space is somehow intimate and cavernous at the same time.  Sahar and I sat at a cocktail table near the entrance with a view of the hostess area.

Siena Tavern - view of bar

The bar is lovely and spacious.  I especially enjoyed the lighting.

Siena Tavern - lobster roll

The service is great but unfortunately we had problems with both of our orders.  We each made slight modifications from the menu which was overlooked by the kitchen staff. The staff was very attentive in assuring that the corrections would be made immediately.  The corrected dishes were actually delivered by the kitchen staff.  I wonder if that was a learning experience for the person who made the error.

cuisine - siena tavern - salad

I enjoyed the poached Chianti pear salad with shrimp.  It was sumptuous!!

Siena Tavern - salted carmel gelato

Sahar and I both enjoyed the salted carmel ice cream.

cuisine - siena tavern - meatball

Just as Fabio intended, the Siena team has designed a menu so delicious that you want to re-order the dish you just finished but feel conflicted because the next item on the menu looks just as good.  I really wanted to order the meatball dish, but alas, I was out of time and appetite.

Price symbols indicate the typical cost of a meal (without tax, tip, or alcohol) per person. ¢ … under $20 | $ … $20 to $29 | $$ … $30 to $39 | $$$ … $40 to $49 | $$$$ … $50-plus


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