Mentoring with Fabio Viviani

A few weeks ago, I ate lunch at the amazing Siena Tavern in Chicago’s River North area.  Afterwards, I did a bit of research for my restaurant review and came across this interview with Siena’s Executive Chef, Fabio Viviani.

Fabiov Viviani Kirsten Miccoli Photography

Besides being charming, dynamic and witty, Fabio is also a natural-born leader and teacher.  During the following video interview, Fabio shared his guidelines on personal branding and mentoring.

Mentoring Nuggets from Fabio

Following are quotes from Fabio’s full-length interview with Allison Hope Weiner:

  • Not everyone is meant to be a mentor.
  • Mentoring is a lifestyle conversation.
  • Mentoring is a 24/7 job.  Coaching can be scheduled.
  • Coaching is job focused while mentoring is focused on wider personal life/career plan objectives.
  • Mentoring gives you the chance to create alliances with people different from you. They don’t necessarily share the same thoughts and vision but theirs can enhance your own.
  • In order to mentor, you have to give up control.  You also have to accept the possibility of failure.
  • I create safe-spaces within my business so that the people I mentor will want to stay with me to achieve their personal growth.
  • You can’t be judgemental because the likelihood that you will find many people the same is you is very unlikely.  So, you have to work with very different people and expect the same result.
  • People mentor or don’t mentor for the same reasons:  fear and hope.  They don’t mentor, because they fear their mentee will usurp them or leave and take their invested knowledge elsewhere.  Or they do mentor out of fear of loss of recognition and hope that by investing in the next wave of talent, they will maintain recognition and create a legacy.

Fabiov Viviani  1 Kirsten Miccoli Photography

In a February 2013 article by DNAinfo Chicago, Fabio was quoted as saying “I don’t want fame.  I want legacy.”  At the rate he is going with restaurant ventures, TV appearances, books and his online presence, it seems as though he will have plenty of both.

Other Fabio Videos:


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