Don’t Lose Yourself in the Sale

I recently read a great article by Jeff Haden of Inc magazine.  The article was about using your natural strengths to enhance your sales techniques.  So many of us lose our natural advantage when adapting to a formula for presentations and sales pitches.

woman practicing speech

My job is not in sales but this skill is becoming increasingly critical to achieving my goals in both my career and charity work.  Most recently, I began working with the National Urban Fellows to launch a initiative in Chicago to promote diversity in public service leadership.  As you know, building anything from the ground-up requires energy, commitment and resources.  My job is to sale the idea to people who would help make it happen.

I found the following tips from Jeff’s article very helpful:

  • Think about your sales techniques. Do they take you away from your strengths?
  • If you’re naturally introverted, don’t try to channel your inner Matthew Lesko. Where selling is concerned, listening can be even more effective than speaking.
  • If you’re perceptive and have decent instincts, don’t be afraid to skip the qualification process. Be ready and able to adapt to the circumstances.
  • If you’re naturally relaxed and informal, don’t try to be professorial or authoritative. Speak the way you speak to friends. Be genuine, and your prospects will respond.
  • Play to your strengths. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Instead, focus on being a better, more effective version of you.  That’s the best sales strategy of all.

Read Jeff’s article.  It includes a great story about his wife’s interaction with a car salesman.


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