10 Traits of Incredibly Charismatic People

Here is an excerpt from Jeff Haden’s article on the 10 habits of remarkably charismatic people.

face it head on

1. They listen way more than they talk.

2. They don’t practice selective hearing.

3. They put their stuff away.

4. They give before they receive–and often they never receive.

5. They don’t act self-important…

6. …Because they realize other people are more important.

7. They shine the spotlight on others.

8. They choose their words.

9. They don’t discuss the failings of others…

10. …But they readily admit their [own] failings.

As Jeff says, “you don’t have to be incredibly successful to be remarkably charismatic. Scratch the shiny surface, and many successful people have all the charisma of a rock. But you do have to be incredibly genuine to be remarkably charismatic.” Do you share any of these traits? Are there any you think should be added to the list?


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