Kitz for Kidz: Fund School Supplies for CPS Students

CPS Kitz for Kidz Campaign

You can Help Students Like Me

Growing up in a low-income household, I did not always have the supplies I needed for the first day of school.  There were summers when my mom had to choose between saving for food, a doctor visit, or school supplies.

During those difficult times, I dreaded the first day of school.  At some point, the teacher would ask us to pull out our pen and paper.  Sometimes I had one or the other.  In the worst of times, I had neither.  To avoid embarrassment, I would wait for the teacher to notice that I did not have supplies. Asking another student for supplies would be risking embarrassment and ridicule.

Imagine yourself as a child in that situation.  Already nervous about the first day of school and now ashamed that your family could not afford to buy the necessary supplies.

Most teachers are kind enough to discretely provide supplies to struggling students.  God bless, the teachers who purchase extra supplies out of their personal funds for their needy students.  These acts of kindness are never forgotten.

This is a problem you can solve

Many of our children are presented with difficult situations everyday.  This is hurdle that you can remove.  One instance of despair that you can eliminate.  This is a problem that you can solve directly through your support.  For Every $5 Grassroots Raises, Chicago Public Schools can distribute school supplies to one low-income student. Very few solutions are so affordable.

$5 Provides Supplies for One Student

Please help support our students and their learning. Click here to visit the Groupon website and purchase a Back to School supply kit for just $5. The Groupon campaign runs through July 31.

These kits will provide students with essential school supplies like notebooks, folders, pencils, rulers, and much more. The “Kits for Kidz” Campaign runs from now through July 31, but don’t wait! Click here now to buy a $5 Back to School Kit and help CPS students start the school year off strong.

My Donation Will Supply 15 Students with Supplies

Kitz for Kiz Groupon Vouchers

Please join me in making a difference in the lives of students in Chicago.

Thank you.


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