A Word About Stepping Back

With all the talk about “leaning in” and “having it all”, I don’t think enough people are honest about the delicate balancing act and sacrifice it takes to reach and maintain personal and professional fulfillment.

On August 2, 2013, I received an interesting email from Mireya Fouche, Founder of One Heart One Soul, in Chicago.

Mireya Fouche at art exhibit

“Please feel free to share”, Mireya said.  “There is such an importance to being transparent and honest, to me I believe that is the best level of encouragement anyone can give. I want to be as transparent with the youth as I am with supporters of the organization. Life is a struggle and it takes a lot to reach goals, however they are never impossible with perseverance.”

Here is Mireya’s letter titled “A Word About Stepping Back”:

This year has truly been a year of new beginnings for many of us, including myself. From preparing for a marriage, to planning a small wedding (which coincidentally resulted in gaining a husband…who would have thought?!), to making decisions about programming; a year of new beginnings in need of decision-making.  The hardest decision to make was pausing our 2013 summer program, UNSPOKEN WORDS. After months of juggling and forcing things to move forward I finally found peace with taking a step back in order to lay a stronger foundation that can hold the vision of our future.

The Bible says, “For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost…” (Luke 14:28). This summer program has been nothing but a blessing to me and has allowed for great relationships to grow within the Unspoken Words family. My initial thought was, “No…the show must go on!” but soon after acknowledging the wisdom behind taking a step back in order to move forward, I was able to see the greater purpose and became excited about building a tower for our programs.

Mireya blog

Many of us, including myself, struggle with stepping backwards because throughout our life we are told to move forward. However, I soon found peace in recognizing that taking a step back doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Sometimes you have to take that step back to let the Lord get in front of you again and take you to where you’re supposed to be. A game of follow the Leader if you will.

So here I am, here we are, and here we go! Special thank you to Javier Maisonet for coming alongside the vision and mission of One Heart One Soul with his expertise in Organizational development and strategic planning. We are ready for this journey and invite you all to come along!


Mireya Fouchè
One Heart One Soul

Mirey wedding photo

What’s your views on “leaning in” and “stepping back”? 

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