Read it for Me: Free Access to Leadership Book Summaries

Thanks to Dan Rockwell of Leadership Freak for once again sharing an amazing resource with his group of leadership enthusiasts.  He sent the following announcement earlier today. 

Seize this FREE opportunity. Offer expires August 17, 2013. ****

read it for me

FREE, unlimited access to all video book summaries on Read-it-for-me for 30 days, no obligation, no strings, no automatic opt in.
Read-it-for-me provides 12 minute summaries of the latest leadership books. New summaries are published every week. Enjoy the very best insights authors offer in just 12 minutes.
Don’t miss it! Offer expires August 17, 2013!!
Register at Readitforme (Uncompensated endorsement)

How does it work?

adam tregear

Adam Tregear included this in a 2012 post describing how Read it For Me works and why he is such a fan: is a website that lets you learn the core concepts from the world’s best business and personal development books – in less than 12 minutes…

There 4 step process dubbed L.E.M.A

LEARN – put together a short 10-minute video summarising the books fundamental points – in amazingly clear detail…

EXPERIENCE – They put together a work book on each book to help you experience what you have learned

MEMORIZE – They break the core points of each book into an easy to remember Anagrams…

ACT – They instruct you on how to best implement the three previous steps clearly and simply…

WIth more books being added to the library every week, you will never have to read a book again…



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