What’s Your Walk-up Song?


Most of you have a song that makes you feel pumped.  A song that reminds you of a time or perfectly captures a particularly moment in your life.  Most important are the songs, which set the stage for what you are about to do next.  That is your Walk-up Song.

Richard Morgan believes “the walk-up song creates the swagger, the identity for the player. Is he a hip- hop guy? A classic rock guy? A weird song guy? In all cases, the song is supposed to get the player psyched.  Everyday we are walking from the on-deck circle into a meeting or a presentation or something that requires a little high voltage”.

Earlier this year, Dorri McWhorter, the CEO of YWCA Chicago, took the stage to Jay-Z’s “Show me What You Got” to begin her annual meeting address. You could feel the buzz and excitement in the room.  We felt we were witnessing the energizing and rebirth of an organization.  Her song was about innovation, empowerment and transformation. So choose your song wisely because it will set the tone for what you and your audience expect to happen next.

I Agree with Morgan in that “all of us should have a walk-up song, at least one that we play in our head when we are approaching the batters box. We especially need it on Monday mornings. It’s that tune that helps us think we are going to hit a home run every time.”

My Walk-Up Song

The song that best represents where I am in my life right now is “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

So what is your walk-up song?”


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