Spotlight on Connections: Charles Mattocks

Chef Charles Mattocks

I am excited to have connected with Charles Mattocks over Twitter this week.  We are brainstorming on possible projects in Chicago that will be mutually beneficial to both of our organizations and causes.  If you don’t know Charles, here is a great intro from a recent article in Black Fitness Magazine:

Chef Charles Mattocks is widely known as “The Poor Chef,” creating healthy yet affordable meals for under seven dollars. His passion and innovation took the nation by storm, appearing on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, Martha Stewart and CNN, and even pinning a best-selling cook book, Eat Cheap but Eat Well.  But there’s more to this Chef and nephew of the late great Bob Marley. 

charles mattocks on CNN

Amid the success, Chef Charles was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2011. What seemed like a death sentence turned into a personal mission to not only save his life, but also save the lives of others who shared his diagnosis. Chef Charles is now gearing up for his second national diabetic testing RV tour. A spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association, blue ribbon champion for the International Diabetes Federation, the creator of the Charles Bar, a diabetic-friendly nutrition bar and the director of a major film on diabetes entitled The Diabetic You, Chef Charles is determined to change the game and become the leading force in the fight against diabetes.

He is committed to providing free health testing for people from Orlando to India and beyond. His RV Testing Tour will and has appeared at fairs, sporting events, malls and other venues. During a recent humanitarian trip to India, Mattocks helped test thousands for diabetes.

charles mattocks - in india

Mattocks says, “I don’t have any ambitions, this is not about me. I love people and want to help spread the word of health and Diabetes management to those that want or need someone to stand for them. I am not the start or the end I just want to give something back and leave something for others. Diabetes is very serious and needs the media attention that it deserves as the number one killer in the world. We can help people that have already been diagnosed lead the best life possible. We can shake up the business of diabetes and start the fight to truly educate people about prevention and management of this deadly disease.”

Charles mattocks - diabetic you trailer

Website |

Facebook | Charles.Mattocks.7

Twitter | @thepoorchef1


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