Spotlight on Connections: Roger Crockett

 A Voice of Diversity and Power

roger crockett 2I first met Roger Crockett in the summer of 2012 when I attended the annual stakeholders meeting for i.c. stars. He moderated the panel on diversity. At the time, I was also in the midst of soliciting special experiences for the Teen Living Program Spring Gala which takes place every March. We connected again when Roger agreed to moderate a panel on diversity and inclusion for the YWCA of Chicago that I helped to organize this past spring.

Considering Roger’s high-profile as a business leader, diversity expert, former BusinessWeek Chicago DEPUTY Bureau Chief and President of R.O. Leadership Advisory (where he advises some of the top business leaders around the world), I figured lunch with him would definitely qualify as a special experience. So, with my usual exuberance, I asked Roger to participate in the 2013 gala, he agreed and a relationship was born.

Since then, we have met for coffee and lunch, talked on the phone and brainstormed on how we can work together. Mostly, I think of people in my network who share the same goals, ideals and objectives. Not that Roger needs any help on that front, but it’s generally where I feel most engaged: helping to build relationships and identify opportunities.

This week, I am attending the latest in Roger’s Executive Interview series hosted at the Metropolitan Club of Chicago. On Wednesday, October 2nd, Roger is hosting The Business of Pro Football : an executive breakfast where he will interview NFL Players Association Executive Director, DeMaurice Smith. They will talk about the state of the NFL, da Bears, player salaries, life after football, and more!

I will be hosting a live Twitter broadcast from the event and taking questions from on-line participants. If you would like to participate and can not attend the breakfast, simply follow Roger us on Twitter at @rocrockett , @sherry563 and #DSNFLPA.

Contact Roger:

Roger O. Crockett, President
R.O. Crockett Leadership Advisory
Office: 312-612-0310
Mobile: 312-659-0310
Twitter: @rocrockett


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