A Strange Case of Deception

The Beauty of Full Disclosure

chinese family - man sues wife

Deception is defined as “the action of deceiving someone”.  To deceive is to “cause someone to believe something that is not true, typically in order to gain some personal advantage”.

I began to ponder these words today, after I read the story about a Chinese man who sued his wife because he suspected she had an affair and gave birth to another man’s baby. Why do you ask?  What proof did he have?

According to him, the newborn daughter was very unattractive and he would never produce such an unattractive child.

I recoiled when reading that statement. Such hubris to assume genetic superiority that would guarantee he only produced attractive children.  Such confident cruelty!

Then I began to feel sympathy for the woman and the child who would undoubtedly learn of this situation.

But it gets better (or worst)….DNA tests proved that the man was indeed the father of the children but he still won his lawsuit.


It turns out that the woman had extensive plastic surgery before they met and the children actually resembled her before plastic surgery. So the attractiveness of the children, or lack thereof, was true to her genetic characteristics.

So the husband argued that he was lured into marrying her on false pretenses and the judge ordered the wife to pay the husband $120,000.  She spent $100,000 on the series of plastic surgeries.

chinese woman sued by husband

This new story started a lively debate in my office. The conclusion sadly is that in our culture, just as in many others, a high value is placed on beauty.

In fact, I will go as far to say that there is an unspoken agreement that mates are partially chosen for their attractiveness and the potential attractiveness of their offspring. To think anything other is surely an act of hubris.


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