Is Your Employer Tracking Your Every Move?

You’ll Think Twice About Your I.D. Badge**

A recent Business Insider article by Vivian Giang exposed a trend that is shocking in it’s insidious progression: personal metadata collection.

sociometric sensor tracking deviceAccording to Vivian, “Sociometric Solutions has created tracking devices for Bank of America, Steelcase, and Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc., and is in talks with General Motors.

The project was started by a team of Ph.D students from MIT who decided to study the chemistry behind what makes certain workspaces like Google great at building teams. They came up with sensors placed in employee identification badges that gather real-time information to help companies measure productivity. The sensors identify a person’s tone of voice, movement and even their posture when communicating with others.”

I wonder what the implications would be if data trends showed:

  1. Consistent signs of stress when employees interact with a particular manager.
  2. Pattern of increased signs of stress when multiple employees interact with a certain co-worker.
  3. Employees who show less or more stimulation than most.
  4. Low productivity on particular days of the week. ( i.e. Monday and Friday).
  5. A link between metadata and low/high performance periods.

With access to this type of biometric data, there’s nothing to stop an organization from using it as a pseudo lie detector test or job interview screening tool.

What do you think about the use of such devices in the workplace?


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