Undeniable Engagement: Albany Park Event Hosted by Former NBA and NFL Players

A Wonderful Example of Amplifying Impact and Engagement Through Partnerships

On Saturday, November 23, 2013, Albany Park Community Center will host their first  Albany Park Community Center (APCC) & Friends event held to help promote family and community through education of children.  The event is scheduled for Saturday, November 23rd from 9am to 4:30pm at 13811 Western Ave., Blue Island, IL 60406.

APCC will have former NBA players at this event to do a skills camp for kids grades 6-8.  At the same time, adults who attend the event will have access to free life-enhancing workshops hosted by ResCare Workforce Services, APCC, New York Life, Cabrini Green Legal Aid, Priority Energy and the Family Health Network. See the media advisory and Session Breakout documents for more details.

After the camp, which will be two hours, the players will share their stories to help inspire the young minds to achieve things greater than sports, specifically an EDUCATION to help them through the rest of their lives

The messages are geared to help the children make the tough choice to be a leader and not give in to negative peer pressure. While the kids are in the camp portion we encourage the parents to take part in the many workshop’s that will be going on. We will also have social needs organization’s in attendance to helps families as well.

Please send this out to any families that you feel would benefit from this event, and any organizations that would like to have a booth it’s free.  Please see this flyer with instructions on how to register for the event.  If there are any questions please contact John E. Pady, Account Executive at 773-433-3243 or jpady@apcc-chgo.org.

Albany Park Community Center Office: 773.433.3243   Site: www.apcc-chgo.org


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