Take the No Complaints Challenge

I am taking the No Complaints Pledge for the month of December.

pinquote_stop complaining_in diff languages

That’s right. No grumbling, judging or criticizing for an entire month.

Considering that this is the main form of communication for some folks I know, it may be a challenge.  So, I’m looking forward to developing my negotiation skills and learning some creative communication techniques along the way.

pinquote_stop complaining

Wait.  Was that a complaint?  Anyway….

I also hope to increase my level of peace, well-being and acceptance during this challenge.

I was inspired to do this after reading a post from prolific.com that advised in order to stay happy, stop complaining.

pinquote_stop complaining about today

What are the rules of this challenge?
Here are the rules as defined on prolific.com.  All silent and vocal complaints count as breaking the pledge. More specific rules are below:

1. No getting mad or frustrated or annoyed with YOURSELF.
2. No griping at your pet, children, spouse, friends, parents, strangers.
2. No judging others, even if they are incompetent or at fault.
3. No expressing displeasure about the weather.
4. No getting annoyed about the news.
5. No agreeing to another person’s complaint. That’s like being accessory to complaining.
6. No fussing about electronics or wifi or online apps misbehaving.
7. No griping at your pet, children, spouse, friends, parents, strangers.
8. No feeling sorry for yourself or swearing even if you stub your toe or jam your finger.
9. No complaining about your work, the stupid co-workers or the horrid boss.
10. No criticizing anything, anywhere, anytime, in any capacity.

If you forget the rules, just remember this: Just Don’t Complain!

pinquote_stop complaining_make it right

Check out Sibyl Chavis’ Huffington Post video on how the complaint-free way changed her life.

Will you join me in taking the pledge?

Let me know how the challenge works for you.


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2 replies

  1. I love LOVE this, Sherry. You are so awesome. Are you on our FB group? Can I share this on there? Big cheers to you! Happy complaint-free December.

    • Hi Farnoosh,

      Thanks for the compliment. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I’m not part of the FB group but I will join. Feel free to share the link.

      This morning was tough with the challenge. I was tense and felt like I was holding my breath to see how I would handle the first complaint at work. Then I remembered, that I don’t need to endorse complaints, and the pressure was off.

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