Joel Hall Dancers Jazzing and Joying it Up

A Nuts & Bolts Performance

JHDancers FB Photo

Joel Hall Dance Centre is a non-profit Chicago dance school whose purpose is to awaken the dancer in everyone’s soul.

I had the pleasure of attending their holiday performance of Nuts & Bolts on Sunday, December 1st at the Ruth Page Dance Center in River North Chicago. My friend David invited me because one of his co-workers was performing that afternoon.

There were dancers in costume in the lobby before the performance. They were probably there for the kids but I couldn’t resist getting a photo.

JHDancers photo before

The dance acts were a blend of jazz, ballet and hip hop dance methods. The musical numbers blended classical, jazz and hip-hop as you would expect – or not. It was truly creative and a joy to watch. Everything from the colorful costumes to the talented dancers.

The crowd was really into the performance – with audience members cheering on their favorite performers.

JHDance Center Banner

It was a joyous and engaging performance. I was smiling from beginning to end and marveling that I had not heard of this group before. It’s a jewel in Chicago and I plan to see much more of their work. Check out the Joel Hall Dance Centre website and Facebook events page.


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