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As you may know, I have another blog, At the Table Chicago, that is focused on purpose-driven events that I host around the city.   For each event, I bring together a diverse group of people who represent a variety of industries, interests and causes.  Each guest is either a connector or someone seeking connections and opportunities.  In every case, they are authentic and open communicators who are willing to share their stories and insights.

When I held the first At the Table dinner event in October 2012, I had three primary objectives in mind:

  • Create an intimate environment conducive to authentic, thoughtful and lively debate
  • Provide event formats that engage, inform and inspire
  • Generate opportunities for participants to broaden their network, develop partnerships, learn something new and explore new career and business opportunities

As I contemplated my upcoming dinner on December 16th, I came across a great post by Whitney Johnson on how to design events that spark connections, conversation and innovation.  Continue reading…>


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