This is Your Year – This is My Year

happy new year - words to live by

This is Your Year –  This is My Year.

To Begin – Every step counts. I’m going to start giving myself credit for all progress that I make. That mindset makes beginning new endeavors less intimidating and more rewarding.

To Have No Regrets – Constantly revisiting regrets can keep me from pursuing new goals.  In 2014, I will work to let go of the past and push forward with no regrets.

To Hone Your Personal Style – I already have a style of my own that I to the next level. My style icons are Esther Quek and Miroslava Duma.

To Love – I have a great love in my life but I need to love myself more.

To Simplify – I will start simply with the clothes I have in storage, items around the house I no longer use, accounts I no longer need and more. Streamline …streamline in 2014.

To Go on an Adventure – I have already accepted the invite to take part in an annual skydiving party this summer.

To Change Your Outlook –  I want to take a more objective view of my future possibilities and capabilities.

To Love What You Do – I love what I do but I can do more to create my own dream job.

To Be You – I will streamline my social media time. This means no T.V., Laptop or phone for at least three hours each night.


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