100 Life Goals University: YORG Exercise (Week 1)

Week 1 Exercise:  Define one YORG in any life category and post it in the community forum. 

100lifegoals week 1 module

Earlier this week, I wrote about my decision to join 100 Life Goals University, an online coaching service founded by Shaun King, an influential personal coach guru.

My nervousness and excitement has been mounting since Shaun mentioned that our first module would be released this week.

Well, I completed it today and man was it fulfilling!

We focused on defining our first YORG (Your Outrageously Ridiculous Goal).  According to Shaun, when you share this goal, if people don’t snicker, question your grasp on reality, or at the minimum give you the side-eye then you are not being outrageous enough.

As part of our exercise, we will define YORG goals in seven life segments. Each of these segments will be anchored by a YORG and supported by 10 to 15 goals beneath each YORG that will lead us to completion. These goals are strategic in nature and increase in order from small to large and easy to difficult.

Are you a 40 year-old accountant who wants to become a medical doctor?

Have you only ever read books but now want to become a best-selling author?

Well, those could be considered YORGs.

YORGs are stretch goals that can not be accomplished within a few months or a year.  They will likely require significant resources including time, training, energy, money, etc.  These are stretch goals in every sense of the word.

Here is what I shared with the group.

100LGU - WEEK 1 Module Complete

Shaun also asked us to share the same YORG via the WhatsApp messaging application.

Well, week one is a wrap. I’m looking forward to Monday.


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7 replies

  1. Hello Sherry, thanks for sharing this, I have just started my own 100 Life Goals journey and it’s good to find others who are working on it.
    I trust you are doing well with your list!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I was going to join, but the site is down. Are you still in your 12 month membership? Can people still join?


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