What if You Lived to be 80?

shaunking - week two video - till 80

So, this is week two of 100 Life Goals University.  I’ve completed a few exercises already. Mostly pertaining to identifying dreams and goals that were delayed or pre-maturely cancelled.  I’m a fairly self-aware person, so I figured out a while ago that the main things holding me back were….

Fear of failure.

Fear of  judgement.

Fear of planning.

But knowing isn’t fixing, which is why I signed up for coaching.  My blocks are a bit more layered. After being diagnosed with cancer twice in my thirties, I basically put all long-term planning on hold.  

After being stuck for so long, it’s natural to think that perhaps I waited too long. That maybe my time has passed. And the list goes on.

The voice of doubt rarely has anything new to say.

Just as this self-programmed doom loop was beginning to play again as I watched the video, Shaun shared some inspiring stories of people who pursued their dreams and realized success well past the age many of us bother to plan:

  • Julia Child published her first cook book at 49
  • Ray Croc opened the first McDonald’s at 52
  • Colonel Sanders opened the first KFC restaurant at 65
  • Yuichuri Miura climbed Mount Everest for the first time at 80

I’m working hard to make 2014 the year I let go of the fear and push past these blocks to a future bright with possibilities.

There’s a good chance I could live to be 80.  After all, I never thought I would live to see 40.

I need a plan.


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  1. 2014 should be our year, shouldn’t it? I have been dealing with MS for ten years this March, which gives me ten years of walks in the valley of the shadow of death.

    It is about time I set aside my fear of the enemy and sat down for a nice dinner with my friends to laugh and to live.

    • We can do this! Let’s keep in touch throughout the year. I’ll keep sharing my experience with 100 Life Goals and we can check-in with each other. Should we make plans to relaunch our travel group next year?

      By the way, did you ever create a power map? It’s a visual representation of how members in your network are connected. I’m trying to figure out what tool would be good for such a thing.



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