My First Coaching Session with Shaun King

MLK Keep moving forward

It’s MLK Day and as I write this post about my first coaching session with Shaun King, Founder of 100 Life Goals University, I am reminded of a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King.

If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.

That is very much in the spirit of Shaun King and the community that makes up 100 Life Goals University.

As the call began, I was anxious due to my desire to impress Shaun and seem like a worthwhile client. Even when you are paying for coaching, when such a worthwhile person gives you their time, you want to make the most of it.

Shaun was so approachable that I quickly relaxed and starting sharing what I considered to be my quick-win goals for 2014. These are the list of things that do not require significant resources of time, energy or money but simply decisive action and follow-through. They include:

Obtaining my project management certification: This is a moderate cost but will require commitment to study over three months.

Deciding on grad school:  Shaun wisely suggested that once my future plans become clearer, so will the concentration I should choose for my graduate degree. The good thing to note is that 40 is not too late. I have already reached out to my alma mater confirmed that the cost would be approximately $65K, not including the 20% discount provided to all alumns.

Starting a business: Last year, I started hosting networking diners to bring people together, share ideas, find employment and generate opportunities. I know there are organizations out there which provide similar services. I need to decide if my initiative will become a business or remain a hobby — one that I very much enjoy.

Formalizing my blog: This mostly involves deciding on a domain name.  “Sherry Clayton Works” was a temporary solution since my name domain was already taken. I will also create a plan for my blog this year.

Beginning to observe others in my desired career:  Over the next several months, I will be working to define several goals (even some dreams). One career related goal is to become a full-time writer.  Shaun recommended that I follow Jeff Goins. He shared his story with us during the 100 Life Goals Kick-off on New Year’s Day.  I just downloaded a couple of his eBooks:  The Writer’s Manifesto and Wrecked for the Ordinary: A Manifesto for Misfits.

What are your goals for 2014?

For our mutual enjoyment, here’s a pep talk from Kid President.


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