A Dream is Not a Goal

Week 2: Check Points and the Speed Gage

shaunking - week two - dreams vs goals

We are often so anxious to make progress and get things done that we take off without a strategy or a plan. Days, weeks or years later, frustrated by a lack of progress we think back over our efforts and wonder what went wrong.

Dreams vs. Goals

Shaun King of 100 Life Goals University is clear in stating that a dream is not a goal. There are very critical differences and unless you take the time to think it through, you are chasing dreams without plan.  And as the popular quote goes, “a dream without a plan is just a wish.”

There are clear differences between dreams and goals:

Dreams are secret but goals are public.

Dreams are abstract and goals are specific.

Dreams are timeless and goals have timelines.

Dreams are often forgotten and goals are present and now.

The Tortoise vs. The Hare

There are group members who have already written their 100 life goals but I’m trying hard to adopt the virtues of the tortoise: patient, strategic, confident and thoughtful. So, I’m taking my time with the 100 Life Goals weekly action items and thinking through the process.

But there are conflicting factors.

In this age of daily articles about how to be outrageously efficient and accomplishing goals in record time, it’s difficult to pace yourself. You start to wonder…

Is waiting just another cop-out?

If I wait too long, will I lose momentum?

If the urgency doesn’t propel me forward out of sheer passion, is it really a dream or goal to pursue?

I am reminded of this quote from Seth Godin: “In our quest to get it done, to survive the project, to avoid blame, to figure out a solution, it’s magic that gets thrown under the bus every time.

Working at a slower pace requires discipline, trust and self-reflection. I’m looking forward to growing in each of these areas in 2014.

pinquote - human beings and dream beings

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