Farewell to a Departing Leader

Yesterday, I bid farewell to my department director. After a turbulent year, she has moved on to other opportunities.

The turbulence was not of her own making. This ship was deep into turbulent seas well before she came aboard.

Despite the many challenges and setbacks, she rallied the troops and gave us a sense of stability. During her farewell party, I gave the following speech:

I will never forget ….

The way you became our department champion when it seemed like all was lost

The confidence and stability your provided

The confirmation that you noticed our efforts and they were appreciated

  • The honesty
  • The candor
  • The strength

You are a leader that I admire and will always remember for your grace and steel under pressure.

You are an example of fine leadership, and for that I thank you.

Most importantly, with my gift wrapping cut from this morning, I have officially bled, sweated and cried for you.

Farewell and I wish you all the best.

My hope is that all of my future leaders elicit the same emotion and reflection from me. That is a sign that our time together was truly fruitful and worthwhile
Melinda farewell cake


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