Daring to Be An Impresario

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Last week, I received an intriguing email from Seth Godin. Sure the same message went out to thousands of followers but it seemed so perfect for me. On that particular day, at that particular moment, I was already considering what he was offering.

A project.

Earlier that same morning, Seth had sent an email about people suffering from bat-boy syndrome — wanting to bask in the glow of already successful teams without being the risk-taking creators. The impresarios.

Seth’s Call to Action

Here’s a portion of Seth’s email.

There’s a huge void for impresarios to fill. The impresario invents a new event, finds the venue, the talent and the audience and makes something happen.

Some of the events can be put together small and grow in scale (Startup Weekend has been held in more than 470 cities, and there are more than three TEDx events held every single day worldwide) while others take a long time to pull together and plan but make a singular impact on their industry.

The talent is waiting to get picked. The audience is waiting to get invited. Where are the impresarios? It’s something I think you could be really good at if you put your mind to it.

I’d like to share what I know from putting on dozens of events around the world, from being the asked and the asker, the organizer and the attendee. I’d like to open some doors and help you see the opportunity and the challenge of making something happen.

This event, held at the fabulous Helen Mills Theatre in Manhattan on March 1, is open to no more than 100 people. It’s a workshop in the best sense of the word, with a focus on organizing impresario projects.

Throwing My Hat in the Ring

The first email already had my mind churning on how I could shift from the bat-boy mentality to that of an impresario — someone creating the success and opportunity instead of looking for it.

So, I clicked on the link and completed the survey to be one of those chosen for early bird registration to Seth’s impresario workshop.

I should get a response back soon.


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