5 Most Predictable Consequences of Living in Fear – Part 2

nervous woman hiding behind table

Earlier this week, I blogged about the 5 most predictable consequences of living in fear as explored in Life Goals University. This post is about the actions I have taken or plan to take in order to address how each of these fears impacts my own life.

1. Missed Opportunities – Fear has a way of blinding you to opportunities that are out there right now. When you eliminate some of the issues in your life or simply turn the dial down on some of the fear, you have a heightened of awareness of opportunities.

  • My Action:  I responded to a call to action from Seth Godin to submit an application in order to be one of 100 people chosen to attend his workshop in March on becoming an impresario and hosting dynamic events for other leaders.

2. Life with Regrets – As you continue to pile up the missed opportunities, you will increasingly end up with a life full of regret.

  • My Action:  I have found that being overly critical of myself hinders rather than motivates me. Accepting myself and where I am on my journey leaves energy for me to work and move forward. Regret is exhausting and consuming.

3. Hills become Mountains – Fears left unaddressed become bigger. If you need a better image, mice become monsters. Now, some of your goals are legitimately hills. They will take effort. If you build your strength and confidence, adding new skills along the way, you will have the strength to climb the hills and ultimately the strength and abilities needed to climb the mountain. But fear convinces you that you can’t climb that hill and ultimately keeps you from climbing the mountain

  • My Action:  I signed up for 100 Life Goals University and continue to move forward with my weekly modules which included joining a support group where I share my story and support others who are on the same path to personal and professional development.

4. Fears become phobias – If you allow short-term fears to fester, they can become a phobia that impacts the quality of your life.  Fear grows. It does not remain dormant. Something as common as the fear of public speaking can have a negative impact throughout many areas of your life.

  • My Action: I have suffered from a fear of public speaking. There is no doubt that it has had widespread affects throughout my life. It impacts development of new personal and professional relationships, pursuit of new opportunities and more.   So, I took Shaun King’s advice and implemented some methods to help reduce the fear. I prepared, prepared and prepared. I focused more on the importance of my message than the importance of the people in the room.  It worked!!

5. Stunts your growth – Fear holds you back from exploring new opportunities. Even from exploring your own abilities. In the most basic of ways, it can convince you that you are safest just where you are — that any chance is a chance for failure and a risk to your well-being.

  • My Action: I recently accepted a project that will challenge me, increase my exposure and further develop my communications skills. It’s exciting and a bit scary. That’s how I knew it was right for me.

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