4 Daily Time Wasters

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My Life Goals University coaching with Shaun King is well underway.  My first action item in module 5 was to assess my routine throughout the day and identify the top time wasters.  I usually start thinking about my daily objectives while I prepare for work, so in light of that, I am approaching this task from the perspective of which items take up the time that I could otherwise spend on the day’s objectives.

Reading and responding to emails – This may happen all throughout the day as I get email alerts while working on documents or reading materials.  I recently read an article that says it takes 25 minutes to refocus on a task once you are distracted. That’s a really big impact. Not good.

Social media at home – I spend a substantial amount of time on my phone and laptop when I am at home. I tell myself this is not so bad since my husband is also on his laptop. I think we would both be better served by playing a board game,  talking or going for a walk (when it warms up in Chicago).  I will mention this to him tonight.

Reading Books – I spend a lot of time reading. Not business or self-help books. Just random, entertaining reads.  When I think of the hundreds of hours I’ve spent doing this, several other things could have been accomplished.  I need to designate a certain amount of time reading for entertainment during the week versus reading for growth.

Watching TV – I spend at least two hours a night watching TV.  Going forward, I can leave the TV off until my husband gets home. He’s already said that he does not want to diminish his TV watching so that gives me at least two or three hours at home before the noise begins.

My goal is to recapture just two hours of my day to focus on working towards my life goals. For me, the ideal time is 5am to 7am. This means I must shift my bed time forward to 10pm instead of the typical 11:30pm.

What are your most recurring time wasters during the day?

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