3 Reasons You Should Wake-up Early

CNBC Reporter Julia Boorstin Shares Her Tips on Being an Early Riser**

Reporter wakes up early

My most energetic time of day is from 5:30am to 1pm.  I tend to be very focused and goal oriented. It’s all about the to-do list during that time.  Even though I may veer off due to emails and meetings, I usually have the focus and energy to return to the list.

Julia Boorstin wrote a great Linkedin article on why she wakes up early and why you should too.  Here’s a brief recap:

1) Play Offense, Not Defense

Get a head start on your “to-do list” to ensure you can accomplish your goals before you’re pulled in a million directions.

2) Form Your Own Opinions

Whether it’s news analysis, blogs, tweets, or colleagues and rivals, we’re all bombarded with opinions.  Take this time to contemplate and brainstorm.

3) Your Boss Wakes Up Earlier Than You Do

Of the dozens of CEOs I interview every year, I can only think of only one or two who doesn’t wake up very early.

I’ve started setting my alarm for 5:30am but I’ve yet to make good use of the time. From 5:30 to 7:30 I am generally lounging, reading email, snoozing or working on my blog. It’s not a highly focused time now, but it will be.

Those first two hours of my day can be dedicated to working on my life goals.


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