Life is Growth, Life is Change, Life is Evolution

If you’ve been following this blog, then you know that I have started a journey of personal and professional development this year under the guidance of coach Shaun King, Founder of 100 Life Goals University. Change can be scary and made more complicated by internal and external resistance.

One Friday night, while contemplating my progress, I came across some encouraging words from Mrs. Adrienne Bosh, philanthropist and wife of pro basketball player Chris Bosh.  Finding her article came just as I’m seeking to make many changes over the next year.

My own past experience along with advice from others suggest that I prepare myself for questions, push-back and cautionary tales.

adrienne bosh

I am preparing myself to look behind the caution of change and be brave enough to take the necessary leaps. Mrs. Bosh’s blog post offers supporting wisdom:

Life is Growth, Life is Change, Life is Evolution. But once you start growing and changing it will be one of the quickest ways to make certain people around you or people observing you become very uncomfortable.

It’s important to recognize only you, and you alone, know your personal goals and dreams. And with most personal goals and dreams comes  work, so thru your commitment of accomplishing your tasks you have set out for yourself you will begin to spend more time focusing on yourself, more time healing yourself, more time strengthening yourself.

Everyone will not realize your dreams, so they will not understand all the actions of growth you are taking to get from Point A to Point B are because you want to make your dreams into your reality. And what they don’t understand will make them uncomfortable, it may make them defensive, it may even cause them to attack or try to thwart your forward movement.

It’s important to keep marching right along, your journey isn’t meant to be understood by anyone but yourself. Only you know what you must do in order to get what you want, become who you want, live the life you want, and celebrate who you are Today and the Moment you are in right now

No need for explanations,

No need for apologies,

No need to be made to feel guilty or shamed for moving on or growing,

No need to dwell in the past, No need to tip toe or walk on egg shells for being you.

Once you are comfortable with your own growth, you will begin to attract the people and energy that is for your best interest.

You can find this and more words of love and light this one under Doses Of Light on http://www.AdrienneBosh.Com

Bosh Family


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